The Verb Cafe

par A.
218 Bedford Avenue , Brooklyn-New York, USA
Heures d'ouverture : ??:?? - ??:??
Première visite : 2008-06-01
Age moyen des clients : 27 ans
Prix du café : 2 dollars
Score global : 4.72 / 5

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The Verb is the hippest cafe in the hippest neighborhood in the hippest city in the United States. So there is a lot of hipness going on there, not just in the clients but the coffee, which is the tastiest in Williamsburg. Some say it's Gimme Coffee but I say the Verb. It's a haven for lesbians, or tough girls who look like lesbians but aren't. There's always something wacky being played on the stereo. If something weird is going to happen, it's here. There are dogs, punks, artists, etc, but the all-wooden flooring and marble tables make it feel chic nonetheless. Best ice coffee hands down with half price refills. Gross bathrooms though, covered in stickers, there's never toilet paper, and the crazy hand drier goes off loudly if you're anywhere near it.