Blackbird Parlor

par A.
167 Bedford Avenue , Brooklyn-Williamsburg, USA
Heures d'ouverture : 08:00 - 21:00
Première visite : 2008-06-01
Age moyen des clients : 28 ans
Prix du café : 3 dollars
Score global : 3.21 / 5

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Blackbird Parlor is a place that I always want to like more than I actually do. The location and decor are great so it's very inviting. But the prices are crazy. $7 milkshake for example. The cappuccinos are tiny (like in Italy) which isn't how we roll in the US. They pack a punch but are not so enjoyable. The coffee is fine, dark brewed, but not worth the effort of a trip. The wait staff is a plus, always cute and nice, and the bathrooms are very Euro. There's ample seating which is good, but the seats aren't comfortable. However, my first experience here was great, when I ordered a hot chocolate in the dead of winter and the waiter brought me 2 free ones just because... that was a highlight.