Les Gens Que J'aime

par M.D
15 rue du Midi , Bruxelles-1000 City Center, BE
Heures d'ouverture : 12:00 - 02:00
Première visite : 2009-10-16
Age moyen des clients : 35 ans
Prix du café : 2 euros
Score global : 2.27 / 5

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This café just opened a few weeks ago and it already seems like it's been around forever. Brussels is in need of more café variety so I was excited to see it open. I went on a very rainy and gray Friday afternoon on my way home from dance class. I love the location, it's exactly where I always travel by bike, in Rue du Midi next to Bourse. The interior is warm and inviting, with a range of seating options, from classic "brasserie" configurations to large tables or small little tables surrounded by low, cushiony plush seats. The coffee was standard, it came with a Côte D'or gooey chocolately thing. I sifted through my notes and was left undisturbed in my corner for a good hour, next to the window in the general calm. The music was nice, old cabaret songs from the 50s. When I went to pay I had a brief chat with the owner and told him I was excited that they opened because there aren't enough cafés in Brussels. He insisted that they were "a restaurant-bar" but honestly the place has a real café-bistro vibe in the daytime but whatever. I guess at night it's a whole other beast. All in all a calm nice place to stop in to if you're in the center, but mostly uneventful with nothing special to speak of. Still, sometimes all you need is a comfy spot where people pretty much leave you alone.