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Quizz database -

Chers Maximum et le Crabe, qui est l'interprete ? (27 questions)
Cserba? (26 questions)
What cartoon is it ? (19 questions)
Which Nirvana song is it ? (15 questions)
Where are they from ? (English edition) (12 questions)
Who's that Pokemon ? (23 questions)
Which fake old band is it ? (3 questions)
Quelle est le nom de la comptine ? (9 questions)
Musicians who did not age (but maybe looked horrible already 30 years ago) (11 questions)
Which Nintendo game is it? (19 questions)
Which 90s US rock band is it ? (24 questions)
The answer contains 'cat' (9 questions)
What is the band/artist of the one-hit wonder from the 80s ? (21 questions)
What is the band/artist of the one-hit wonder from the 90s ? (57 questions)
Which sport is it ? (18 questions)
Which Neo-Geo game soundtrack is it ? (13 questions)
From which 80s movie is the music ? (17 questions)
From which movie is the fight scene? (23 questions)
Which Arnold movie is it? (18 questions)
Qui est l'interprète de la chanson ringarde? (64 questions)
Quelle personnalité politique française parle? (2 questions)
Which gaming console is it? (25 questions)
Quel émission pour enfant est-ce? (22 questions)
From which Beatles song comes the drum? (8 questions)
What is the brand of the car? (14 questions)
In which city is the subway? (6 questions)
Where is it? (4 questions)
Which weapon is being fired? (8 questions)
Which US president is speaking? (25 questions)
Which band plays the epic guitar? (17 questions)
Which animal is it ? (33 questions)
Which song are the Guns'n'Roses playing ? (19 questions)
Which meme is it ? (9 questions)
Which NIN song is it? (18 questions)
What are they speaking ? (163 questions)